PennDOT Materials Testing Laboratory

The New PennDOT Materials Testing Lab is one-story $23.5 million structure consisting of 107,000 sf located in the DGS Annex Complex (former State Hospital grounds in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). The facility will replace PennDOT’s current antiquated 1920’s vintage Testing Facility. The project program includes administrative office spaces for all lab administrative personnel, managers, and staff. In addition, there will be specialized labs for testing of all materials used in the construction of highways in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; these include asphalt, concrete, re-bar, cement, aggregate, line-marking paint, etc… The laboratories will include highly sophisticated environmentally controlled spaces such as constant temperature rooms and will include a myriad of specialized testing equipment, xray defraction equipment, tension machines, aggregate shakers, fume hoods, etc… The building was organized to segregate the administrative offices and support spaces from the laboratory spaces. PennDOT will achieve an ISO 9000 rating for the facility. The architectural materials include architectural CMU facade, standing seam metal roof, aluminum windows, and tinted glazing.